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KPOP music is always really high quality and interesting KPOP I love the dancing, the formations and choreographies always look so cool Quality music videos!!! Kpop cheered me up and made me feel better when I was really struggling mentally The concepts are always so interesting I really like the fashion and their looks onstage, like joy’s peekaboo dress Making friends with other kpop fans is really fun and I’ve only met koreaboos once or twice Learning kpop choreos is so fun and one of my favourite ways of exercising, I didnt dance before I liked kpop but now I do and I love it Performances are always amazing quality and going to kpop concerts is just the best experience Kpop inspires me to work hard and push myself.

Alice Barr.


Channel Description: KPOP radio station for the biggest K Pop hits trending today.

Channel Genre: Easy Listening, Eclectic​

Channel Availability: Amazon Alexa, Apple iTunes/Apple Tv, Icecast, Tune-In, MyTuner Radio, WinAmp/Shoutcast, Live365, and VLC.

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"KPOP music will always be music even if it’s in a different language. If the music sounds good, then listen to it. That is why I listen to K-pop. I just love the way Korean sounds, especially in song lyrics, it just fits so well with the music. Language was never and will never be a barrier for me to appreciate and love music. K-pop music videos are so perfectly made, and I always look forward to them. They are all high production and amazing. It doesn’t matter if they come from a big company or a smaller one, there is always a lot of thought put into the creative and fun music videos. I also love how K-pop groups do dance choreography. The K-pop industry strives for perfection hence that is why their dance choreography is always so intense and perfect. It shows the amount of all the nights they’ve spent on practicing it. To sum up, K-pop is fun, energetic, and relatively unique."  Nikki Mie Victor.

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